TCM Infection protection shield (Forte) – Yu Ping Feng San (CCP01)


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TCM Compasan Compaktat prescription.

Prescription drug. This product is available only in pharmacies and is prepared for you in the pharmacy.

Infection protection shield (Forte) – Yu Ping Feng San (CCP01) 49,7 g for 7 days, with measuring cup

49,7g compactate is equivalent to 240g raw drug.


Astragali radix huang qi

Atractylodis macro. rhizoma bai zhu

Saposhnikoviae radix fang feng

Ophiopogonis radix mai dong

Lonicerae Japonicae flos jin yin hua

Glycyrrhizae radix et rhizoma gan cao


Daily dose: 7,1 g = approx. 10 ml

Daily dose of Compaktat with approx. 1 liter (min. 500 ml) of boiled water poured over hot and dissolved.

Drink throughout the day.

Prepared solution can be stored at room temperature for 1 day.

This item is supplied only against prepayment.