TCM Infection acute – Shu Feng Jie Du (CC08)


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TCM Compasan Compaktat prescription.

Prescription drug. This product requires a pharmacy and is prepared for you in the pharmacy.

Infection acute – Shu Feng Jie Du (CC08) 18,16 g for 3 days, with measuring cup

18,16 g compactate is equivalent to 186,7 g raw drug.


Polygonum cuspidatum radix et rhizoma

Forsythia suspensa fructus

Isatis indigotica radix

Bupleurum chinense radix

Patrinia scabiosifolia herba

Verbena officinalis herba

Phragmites communis rhizome

Glycyrrhiza uralensis radix


Daily dose: 6,05 g = approx. 9 ml

Pour at least 300 ml of boiled water over the daily dose of Compaktat and dissolve it.

Drink throughout the day.

Prepared solution can be stored at room temperature for 1 day.

This item is supplied only against prepayment.